HPG HuntHound Bluetooth Hunting Camera w / Infrared


Product information:

Product size: 16*11.8*8.9CM
Storage medium: TF
LCD screen size: none
Pixel range: 30 million
Body material: PCB
Battery life: DC12V 1A or 8x AA batteries
Infrared light: 42 LED lights, 20 meters
Video resolution: 1080P/720P/VGA
Photo resolution: 30MP/24MP/20MP

Features: mobile phone directly connected to the camera, APP real-time viewing, Bluetooth control switch
1. High image quality (30 million pixel CMOS chip, high pixel image, and one trigger, optional shooting 1-9 pictures)
2. Fast start-up response (the time interval is less than 0.2 seconds from finding the target to shooting)
3. Long standby time (standby current is less than 0.2 mA, using rechargeable lithium battery can be standby for 2 weeks under normal temperature, there was a record of -20 ℃, standby for 45 days)
4. Can shoot video (4K/2K/1080P 30 frames/second; video length 1 second-60 seconds optional)
5. Ultra-small size design (strong concealment, as well as dead leaves camouflage painting optional enough)
6. Use TF card to record (very convenient and cheap, support 256GB TF card)
7. Automatic shooting for evidence on other special occasions
8. No flash for night shooting (no flash design, night shooting uses built-in infrared LED lighting, no flash during shooting, not easy to expose, so it is not easy to lose)
9. Use AA dry battery (low cost, cheap, easy to replace in the field)
Application occasions:
1. Field detection automatic camera
2. Wildlife infrared camera survey
3. Home security forensics
4. Office anti-theft and evidence collection
5. Anti-theft evidence collection in small and medium supermarket

Packing list:

Infrared camera*1

Product Image:

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